One Time Lingerie Gift – [ENCLOSED]

One Time Lingerie Gift


A one-time gift of romantic and fun lingerie delivered in our iconic keepsake box, surrounded by real flower petals. No auto-renew.

Please fill in as much information as possible on sizing as we cannot offer a size-guarantee on one-time purchases. We take special requests, but we cannot guarantee availability of the style in all sizes.

Follow the prompts below to personalize your gift . . .

  • Select two or more of the styles you think she will enjoy. Unsure? Select them all and we'll send the best for that month. 

    Is there anything we should keep in mind when selecting her lingerie? This can be a preferred color, a specific style, or otherwise. (Optional)

  • We know this can be hard. Wavering between two sizes? Select both and we'll make sure her selection fits accordingly.

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  • Care to add some stockings or other playful accessories? All optional, all non-refundable.

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    • 21 $

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    • 70 $
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