Boudoir Lingerie Bundle – [ENCLOSED]

Boudoir Lingerie Bundle


Everything you need for your boudoir session – except your sweet self, of course. Your special boudoir lingerie bundle will include:

– Three lingerie sets in boudoir-friendly styles

– A pair of highly-photo friendly knickers (think corset or bow-backed styles for playful allure)

– Stockings

– Extra rose petals to scatter throughout your images

Size exchanges are subject to availability. No auto-renew.

Please follow the prompts below to personalize your lingerie items . . .

  • Select three or more of the styles you think she will enjoy. Unsure? Select them all and we'll send the best for that month. 

    Is there anything we should keep in mind when selecting her lingerie? This can be a preferred color, a specific style, or otherwise. (Optional)

  • We know this can be hard. Wavering between two sizes? Select both and we'll make sure her selection fits accordingly.

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  • We may contact the recipient after the first month to confirm sizes and styles. Don't worry, we won't spoil the surprise. All optional.

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